Mr. Yavuz Kuş

Yavuz Kuş was born in Gebze in 1983. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Gebze. He did his undergraduate degree at Marmara University Technical Education Faculty. Additionally, he studied at Gazi University Department of Industrial Design Engineering and Istanbul University Department of Economics. He did his master's degree in the field of Management and Organization at Gebze Technical University Department of Business Administration,

He active business life began in the year he started university. In his 18-year business life, he has made various investments, founded several companies, and undertaken many initiatives in the fields of engineering, industry, informatics, technology and innovation through Tercih Group, of which he was the founder.

He became the founding chairman of the Gebze branch of the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation in order to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Gebze, which has become the centre of industry, technology and informatics, and the focus of attention of the entrepreneurs in Turkey. He has organized many events and entrepreneurship training, and successfully carried out various projects in the field of entrepreneurship. He took an active part in many non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, He has been as a jury member in the Entrepreneur Awards organizations held under the auspices of the Presidency.

He is also actively involved in R&D through the industrial and IT companies he has established within the body of Tübitak - Martek. Currently, He is a board member of Startup Girişim Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş., T-Games Yazılım and Bilişim A.Ş., and Anibal Bilişim Teknoloji A.Ş.

He has been involved in the R&D unit conducting research on crowdfunding platforms for many years. With the thought that crowdfunding platforms are very important for our country and entrepreneurs and resting upon his knowledge, background and experience, he became the founding board chairman of Girişim Kiltle Fonlama Platformu A.Ş. Yavuz KUŞ, an entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor, is married with four children.

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