Yakup Sezer, who graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 2009, gained experience in various positions in the consultancy, e-commerce and software sectors following his studies in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and was appointed Albaraka Türk Strategic Projects Manager in 2013.

He started his duty as Albaraka Türk's Business Excellence and Innovation Manager in February 2017, and after innovative projects such as Big Bang, Keşfet, Albaraka Garage, Albaraka RPA and Albaraka API, he established Insha, Europe's first fully digital interest-free bank.

Following the success of Insha, Sezer established Turkey's first fintech Venture Builder company Insha Ventures and undersigned innovative projects such as Alneo, NakitBasit, PosBasit, Semosis, Kozmos and Flyp, and contributed greatly to the transformation of our country's finance sector.

As Aktif Ventures Chief Executive Officer, Sezer is currently leading an exciting transformation within Aktif Bank's journey to transition to the service banking model

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