Mr. Resul Yesilyurt

was born in Aksaray, Turkey, in 1986.

He has studied Business Administration at Middle East Technical University. During his undergraduate years, after joining many philanthropic activities, he decided to expand his experiences from his social life to professional businesses and moved onto a consumer electronic company in 2008. After 5 years of gaining local market experience, he was ready to set sail on an international market journey. He has worked at different management positions in Africa and then continued with the Middle East for different industries with colleagues from different cultural and ethnic groups.

In June 2018, joined as CEO to Procenne, one of the pioneering digital security companies, works to secure boundaries in the boundaryless digital world. Ye┼čilyurt has dedicated himself to Procenne to be a company with innovative, sustainable products and solutions as Procenne withholding its aims to reach values of global standards. Yesilyurt is not only empowering Procenne locally but also leading it to reach its goals as being a global ecole.

He speaks English and Persian and is married with 3 children.

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