Ms. Randa Al Rifai

found her passion in life when she discovered Bitcoin, randomly and by chance.

She is a cryptocurrency expert with professional experience in various banking positions since 2008.

Blockchain community members in the Middle East region call her the ‘Queen of Bitcoin’, being one of the first females to take leading roles in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016. She holds a Master of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currency from University of Nicosia, in addition to several other blockchain technology certifications, as well as specialized banking and finance degrees (Saint Joseph University and Ecole Supérieure des Affairs).

Her banking experience includes a focus on compliance, AML, and data protection. In the blockchain space, she is recognized by her peers as a pioneer in building the key pillars of crypto education and adoption in Lebanon. Since 2016, she founded the first community of Bitcoin & Blockchain in Beirut, and she has been developing and delivering blockchain academic content and hands-on workshops, as well as providing consultancy and advisory on Blockchain business models with a focus on digital assets and blockchain-as-a-service, NFTs and Web 3.0.

She’s a public speaker on advocating for women in technology and acts as ambassador to projects and initiatives that promotes positive social impact through the utilization of emerging technologies.

My areas of expertise are:

✔Cryptocurrency ✔Blockchain ✔Bitcoin ✔Legal Compliance ✔Public Speaking ✔Fiat Currency ✔Data Protection ✔Consultancy and Advisory ✔Project Management ✔ Event Organizing and Planning

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