Mr. Osama Al Khajah

Osama is a forward thinker, proactive, self-made, business oriented, professional with high leadership skills, he is dynamic and active member in the local and regional business societies; and maintains wide network of local and international highly influential contacts in various sectors, he holds positions in several international committees, NGOs, professional bodies and institutions in public and private sectors. He initiated / founded / developed / managed several initiatives, companies, mega projects, international forums, and NGOs.

Osama became a CPA in 1994 - considered the youngest Bahraini CPA at that time. Today, he holds leadership and professional experience of over 27 years in Islamic banking, project finance, corporate finance, investment banking, development banking, real estate development, energy, petrochemicals, international events management, SMEs, entrepreneurship development, science & technology parks, industrial parks, and innovation development.

He started his self-made career in 1986, just after finishing his high school, by working for GPIC where he started as Telephone Operator/Mail Clerk and advanced his career for 10 years until he became Treasurer, then he joined Gulf Powerbeat Co., as Financial Controller for 2 years. Subsequently, he diversified his career by joining Bahrain Development Bank where he worked for 5 years as Head of Business Development and Project Finance.

In 2002, Osama joined Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain) as Head of Corporate Finance; and in 2004 became Head of Project Development, where he was actively involved in initiating, conceptualizing, and developing new businesses and projects worth billions of US$ In energy, petrochemicals, infrastructure, and master plan development.

Further, he sits on the board of directors for several private and public firms, locally and internationally; and he founded various startups and ventures and leads special initiatives and NGOs like: Ebtikar Association, etc.

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