Mr. Nasser Saleh

Nasser is the founder of MadfooatCom for ePayments, the Fintech company that was launched in 2011 and became the national operator for the electronic bill presentment and payment project for Central Bank of Jordan called “eFawateerCom” which processed so far more than 100 million transactions with a value of more than 50 billion USD.

Nasser Saleh: Executive Chairman & Founder of MadfooatCom company with more than 25 years of experience in IT, banking and consultancy. Prior to MadfooatCom, Nasser was a Consulting CIO to the Director General of ISTD – DAI Jordan Fiscal Reform II USAID project. Nasser worked on managing the e-Channels and ePayments at AlRajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia. Nasser also worked as a Senior Consultant at Accenture, KSA and as a Senior Test Engineer at Microsoft – USA. His diversified experienced in the financial industry gave him deep insight’ into the Fintech sector; its challenges and its criteria for success allowing him to develop the MadfooatCom company’s vision which became the national operator and manager for the electronic bill presentment and payments in Jordan “eFawateerCom'' for the Central Bank of Jordan which processed payments with value of more than 50 billion USD (till Q1 2022). Nasser was awarded King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein Medal of Excellence in 2017 for establishing MadfooatCom/eFawateerCom and won Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed best service company award in the Arab world in Dubai. Nasser was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2014, a member of the American Entrepreneurs’’ Organization (EO) in Jordan, won EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award for 2013 and he was awarded Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award in 2012. Nasser holds a B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan

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