Mr. Hakan Yıldız

My entrepreneurial adventure, which started at the age of 16, continued until 2003 in the private sector and in my own companies, and then I worked in T.R. Under the Privatization Administration, until 2016, T.C. I worked in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. I left the public sector in April 2016 and became the founding partner of GMT Teknoloji. I am the founder of, the first CMB licensed crowdfunding platform in our country. Currently, Global Crowdfunding Platform A.Ş. General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at ReINVeS Capital and Y.K. I continue to serve as chairman. I am UNDP Crowdfunding Advisor and Digital Angel Investor. While solving the problems of entrepreneurs' access to finance, I develop systems that offer investment opportunities for investors.

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