Mr. Emre Ölçer

Extensive experience in business development, customer segmentation, marketing and CX management in both retail and digital banking, startup engagement and execution of corporate innovation

Leading a team of 11, I managed the largest retail customer segment of Isbank, including customer segmentation, acquisition, activation and retention campaigns and customer LTV for 7 years. Also led the CX line of digital transformation projects in 2016.

For the last 3 years, in charge of startup engagement in Isbank, including B2B business development with startups/scaleups and sourcing dealflow to Corporate VC Fund. Leading Workup acceleration program of Isbank, an experience in new business models, startup acceleration, B2B and B2C business development and fundraising processes of several startups in different verticals. Also participated in designing Isbank’s innovation and entrepreneurship strategy and founded a corporate intrapreneurship program.

As an internal auditor, performed several compliance, operational and fraud audits in branches, HQ departments and subsidiaries of Isbank, prepared audit reports, solved 7 fraud cases of different types and led 5 audit teams at different sizes.

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