Dr. Azam Khodadadi

Dr. Azam Khodadadi CEO& Co-founder fo Findaso

Holding PhD in chemical engineering, having 10 years of academic experience and knowledge, and publishing more than 12 ISI papers & patents, I constantly try to explore various ways to use the new technologies in an applicable and practical way. In 2021, during the pandemic, we have started Findaso as the world’s first SAAS marketplace of technology to help businesses, especially SMEs not only to keep themselves up to date about the latest technologies but also get access to the trusted and affordable international technology providers in an efficient way. Findaso helps organizations and businesses in different ways to offer or receive technological services and solutions.

For TTOs and Teknoparks, Findaso is the platform to manage the cooperation activities For academics, Findaso is the platform to find industrial partners and funding for the research and innovation R&D programs, For industry, Findaso is the platform to solve problems and detect novel innovative projects and academic collaboration opportunities.

Business owners in three different ways can enjoy the service:
-Search among the pre-verified technology service providers by themselves and contact them
-Go through the right technology cluster according to the organizational or technological topic, create the technology needed call inside the cluster, or set a meeting time with the

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