Mr. Ahmad Younis

Entrepreneurial technologist with 13+ years of experience in the technology industry. Specialized in software development, user experience design and product management. Focused on decentralized finance, financial technology and web 3.0.

Over the past years I founded, consulted and held various senior executive management roles in successful startups and businesses around the world including organizations that are utilizing blockchain technologies to revolutionize the financial industry.

I am currently focusing on web 3.0 financial technologies, decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto-asset markets and tokenization. I received my masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, and am currently pursuing my doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Portsmouth with a research focus on decentralized financial technologies (DeFi) technologies and Islamic Finance.

Profile Highlights:

  • 13 + years of tech industry experience in B2B, B2C, FinTech, Blockchain and Web 3.0.
  • Experience managing directors, managers and team members of 30+ individuals physically, and remotely.
  • Strong hands-on technical background and experience in scaling early stage startups globally.
  • Held several senior executive roles in management of IT companies & Startups worldwide.
  • Master's degree in Computer Science, with a focus on Human–Computer Interaction.
  • Doctorate Student; Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA/in lieu of MBA). Researching Decentralized Financial Technologies.
  • Strong technical background and professional experience in entrepreneurship, startups and consulting

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